Listed the original token「UMAI」on DEX of CoinEX

The unique token "UMAI" supporting Japanese delicious noodles has been listed on CoinEX's own chain (= CoinEXChain) DEX.

DEX stands for Decentralized Exchanges, which means decentralized exchanges. Most exchanges have an administrator, but DEX does not.The private key is a blockchain mechanism that users manage and conduct transactions without the intervention of a third party (= exchange, administrator, etc.).

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UMAI issuance at CoinEX Chain

Below is the token ID of UmaimenToken (UMAI) generated in CoinEX Chain.

Until now, UMAI has been operating as an SLP token of Bitcoin Cash.【Related article】⇒ Delivered to Ramen freaks around the world! SLP original token, Umaimen Token (UMAI)

When issuing at CoinEX Chain this time, the number of issued sheets (100 million) is naturally adjusted to ensure consistency with UMAI on SLP.【reference】UMAI token ID on BCH⇒

Umai Kitchen (= Issuer of token, named Umai Kitchen. UMAI means delicious in Japanese) received 10,000 UMAI for initial issuance and operation and management fee, and 10UMAI * 10 times obtained by providing information to Umai Noodle Forum = 100UMAI (Posted only by me...). I'm sending a total of 10,100 UMAI to my personal DEX wallet.

Therefore, the current Umai Kitchen UMAI balance is 99,989,900 for both CoinEX Chain and BCH chains.

Umai Kitchen(SLP)のUMAI残高

Balance of UMAI on Umai Kitchen(SLP)

Umai Kitchen(CoinEXChain)のUMAI残高

Balance of UMAI on Umai Kitchen(CoinEX Chain)

For a while, it will be operated on both BCH and CoinEX Chain. You can move the same amount when posting on the forum, and SLP UMAI is not listed, so the balance will not change without permission.

Mechanism of CoinEX Chain

Here is a brief introduction to CoinEX Chain and DEX.

CoinEX is one of the few exchanges with a BCH backbone and has become an exchange like a sacred place for BCH fans.⇒CoinEX。The original blockchain launched by CoinEX in November 2019 is CoinEX Chain, and the DEX here is CoinEX DEX, which was listed on UMAI this time.

CoinEX Chain is PoS (Proof of Stake). Many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin adopt PoW (Proof of Work) for mining, but PoS is different from that, and the selected validators pay (= stake) depending on their position. It is a feature that it is less susceptible to attack than PoW and has high stability because it chains the chain while gaining.

CoinEX Chain is fueled by CoinEX's exchange token CET, so CET is required for transaction generation on CoinEX Chain. If you want to trade with CoinEX DEX, first purchase CET with CoinEX and send it to DEX.

Due to this listing of DEX, you can receive rewards for posting to the delicious noodle forum with either SLP wallet or CoinEX DEX wallet. If possible, it's easier to manage if you have both (because you can send the same number to both), but since DEX does not have an app, it may be a little difficult for people who are not used to it.

However, UMAI has been listed and can now be traded in CET. There was a possibility that the value would change.


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