Delivered to Ramen freaks around the world! SLP original token, Umaimen Token (UMAI)

My favorite cryptocurrency, BSV (BitcoinSV), does not currently have a protocol that can issue its own token. On the other hand, BCH (BitcoinCash), which is the big brother, is being developed steadily, and the Simple Legder Protocol (commonly known as SLP) realizes that.

Important ! Added on April 14, 2020

Currently, we are planning to transfer and list UMAI from SLP to CoinEX Chain (DEX of CoinEX). I will report again when it becomes concrete.

BCHのSimple Ledger Protocol

Today, on October 22, 2019, when Japanese crown prince is enthroned , I came to issue my own token, which was my dream for the past few years.Its name is "UMAI Noodle Coin" and the ticker symbol is "UMAI". UMAI means delicious in Japanese

Unique token "UMAI" that promotes information sharing of delicious noodles

I like unmatched noodles. When I eat lunch with me at the company, I always get ramen or spaghetti, so I am also called a flour evangelist (www).

The concept of UMAI noodle coins (UMAI) at the moment is as follows.

UMAI noodle coin 「UMAI」 white paper (tentative)

UMAI encourages sharing information about delicious noodles. UMAI will be distributed to useful noodle information providers each time, while UMAI will be added to the highly evaluated stores to play a role in promoting noodle information sharing while expanding and deepening the connection between users and the store.

UMAI exists as a common evaluation base among the noodles, and functions as a consideration (= appreciation & gratitude) on the blockchain for mutual information exchange and new information. In addition, regardless of whether the store is good or bad, it accepts UMAI for each evaluation and uses it for marketing etc. This is a roughly plan..

Details after this are confidential due to business strategy. First of all, I will start a delicious noodle forum on this blog, so I'm noodle expert! Please shake it and join us.

Please note: UMAI is worthless

Why is it now issued by UMAI?

I met cryptocurrencies in 2017. Income gain due to price fluctuations is of course one of the attractions, but as a lover of arithmetic and cryptography, I gradually became interested in it. That's why we support BSV now.

Also I like noodles as mentioned above. I eat noodles 3 days a week...ww

There are many Ramen report sites on the internet right now, so when I see it and actually go to a ramen shop, is it really this comment? ? I have many experiences. The Internet is completely an advertising medium, so it can't be helped.

I want to improve the quality of noodle information on the Internet

My idea with such a painful experience is the fusion of cryptocurrencies and physical stores. There are already several stores in Japan that accept payment in cryptocurrency, but my goal is to improve the value and quality of information.

We want to provide real valuable information to Internet users, and that is information for appetite, which is one of the three human desires. Even more delicious noodle information in food!

We will be preparing it properly, so please support us. If you are interested, please prepare an SLP compatible wallet and comment, we will share UMAI. * The SLP wallet can be downloaded from

Finally, there is basic information on UMAI.

Basic information for Umaimen Token (UMAI)


Umaimen Token

  • Token ID:8588f73c0942ce3a02ece5c5ac177154c83a1e5aa61b4db1b10cef598dd729ca
  • Purpose:Promote improvement of value and quality of delicious noodles (ramen, spaghetti, soba noodles, udon, etc.), and contribute to marketing at a single store independent of company size
  • Symbol:UMAI
  • Issue limit:100,000,000  (All sheets have already been issued. 10,000UMAI have been received by me as a Issuance management fee.)
  • Authentication method:Proof of Work (BCH base, but since SLP, the upper limit number has already been issued)


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